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Have you ever wondered what makes some ideas take off whilst others fail?

What does it take to start a social epidemic?

Perhaps it’s just luck, being in the right place at the right time?

Or maybe there’s more to it than that?

Vox Marketing is an innovative strategic marketing consultancy that is focused on something we call, “Accelerated Word of Mouth” marketing. 

Put simply, we believe the best way to market any product or service is to get your customers to market it between themselves.  However, this won’t just happen by accident – it needs to be planned.

With years of experience, spanning retail, FMCG, pharmaceutical and biotech industries, Vox Marketing can help you…

Start people talking!

“Accelerated Word of Mouth” marketing

“Word of mouth” is the most trusted source of recommendation.

People trust people.  Especially, people trust people like themselves.  Peer-to-Peer communications are critical.

In our modern world of digital communications, the opportunity to link Peer to Peer is an obvious one.  However, this is not about a digital solution.  It is about a marketing solution based upon carefully constructed customer networks that uses digital and other methodologies to achieve “Accelerated Word of Mouth” marketing.

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